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From slash and burn to ‘slash and mulch’

Idrissa Ouédraogo lives in Yilou, a village of the Central Plateau of Burkina Faso, with his wife Fatimata Sawadogo, and their children Nafisatou and Felicité. They grow mainly sorghum and cowpea, and also raise chickens, sheep and goats on a plot Idrissa was given some years ago as a gift from an elder. The soil had a hard surface crust and was completely degraded (known locally as zippélé). Nothing would grow on it, not even grasses. But Idrissa had a vision. He knew he had to bring back the native vegetation if he wanted to grow food. And he knew which shrub he needed, baagandé, or camel’s foot (Piliostigma reticulatum).
Idrissa Ouédraogo showing a field with Piliostigma shrubs. Picture by Georges Félix at Yilou, Burkina Faso (2014)

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